Jennifer Dowling

Jennifer Dowling

Allow us to introduce you to Jennifer, the woman behind Arch and Crown Aesthetics with the magical hands that will make you your most beautiful self ever. She’s worked in New York and New Jersey for over 20 years, working hand in hand with top doctors in the field of plastic surgery and dermatology. She specializes in state of the art treatments in advanced skincare, bringing her expertise to patients who get the best results with non-invasive and low-risk treatments.

In more recent years Jennifer has expanded into Microblading eyebrows and SMP –scalp micropigmentation. She is a true artist in creating natural eyebrows making realistic hair strokes and hair follicles, she is dedicated to giving her patients a comfortable and professional experience. She works with each patient to understand and deliver his or her desired outcome. Jennifer has continued education on both Microblading and SMP traveling across the country to bring her patients the latest techniques. She is licensed by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and a sought after artist in this field.

The process of microblading involves creating natural eyebrows making realistic hair strokes, producing a semi-permanent effect for fuller and beautifully-shaped brows.

Our Story

Over her 20 year career Jennifer has successfully helped several doctor’s develop a thriving skincare practice. She combines luxurious skincare treatments with medical grade devices. This combination has set a standard of care and results that are unmatched. Her career started in dermatology, this is where she developed her unique skill set performing painless extractions. She believes with proper technique and use of skincare tools this should be a comfortable experience for her patients.

In the last 10 years Jennifer has consulted in plastic surgery, working with top doctors to develop post surgical healing treatments and creating skincare menu’s. 

Her latest endeavor developing Arch & Crown Aesthetics has been her greatest achievement to date. With her passion and years of knowledge she created a beauty oasis that helps build confidence in anyone who walks through the door.